Download Lagu IU eight (Feat. SUGA BTS) MP3 + LIRIK

Berikut ini lirik laguĀ Eight kolaborasi antara IU dan SUGA BTS.

When did you feel the happiest? Sulli: I have never been happy. IU is under a stimulation and then she was dreaming that she’s on the airplane.

She took a trip down her old memory lane.

The lizard on the airplane’s window was actually Jonghyun. “Goodbye is like an emergency alert.

Wake up in the morning, longing for you.” IU woke up from that nightmare only to find out that the lizard on the aquarium was really gone and will never come back again.

The years go by, Jonghyun became a beautiful dragon. Sulli is flying high to the sky, then landed on the dragon. Then they go to the opposite way where IU was. IU and Sulli’s eyes met. IU: So are you happy now? Then IU was just looking at them through the window with teary eyes. They met again on IU’s old memory lane.

Then IU woke up from that beautiful dream. “Everything comes and goes as they wish, even without a goodbye.” But for one last time, Jonghyun and Sulli finally bid their goodbyes to IU. Rest in paradise, Jonghyun and Sulli. We missed you. Finally, you two are happy now.

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