Melanie Martinez — Play Date

Dear, tiktok fans? Thank you for listening to this song! Or becoming a Cry Baby (Melanie Martinez fan), I just want to tell you something, this song “Play date”, is not just a ” Tiktok song”

I don’t even know how it blew up with just a clip of the song it should have at least been the whole song :c, anyways I wanted to say, please call this song by its title, not a tiktok song, thank you for your time!As a melanie fan i want to say Thank You to the people coming here from tiktok and all the other edits you’ve seen.

You’ve found this amazing song but please listen to her other music too and not just this song. I promise you won’t regret it Im so glad that this is blowing up because this was such a throwback but I hate the label it’s getting as a tik tok song, like no this song was out 4 years ago, and just for it to be called a tik tok song??

That ain’t it