63 Contoh Dialog Suggest & Offer

Contoh dialog suggest and offer – Bagaimana cara memberi saran kepada seseorang dalam bahasa Inggris? Bagaimana pula cara memberi penawaran kepada seseorang?
Inilah yang akan kita pelajari kali ini, suggest and offer. Bagi kalian yang kelas 11 SMA, materi ini bisa dilihat di buku Bahasa Inggris kurikulum 2013 kelas XI halaman 8-12.

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Contoh Dialog Suggest & Offer

Tentunya untuk menguasai bahasa inggris lebih dalam tidak hanya menguasai dialog dialog suggest and offer saja, namun juga dapat mempelajari dialog lainnya seperti Dialog Expressing Complaint yang sudah admin bahas dalam artikel sebelumnya.  Ok langsung saja cek beberapa percakapan dibawah ini yang mengandung kalimat sugest and offer.

Contoh Dialog Suggest & Offer
Contoh Dialog Suggest & Offer

Examples of Suggestion and Offer Dialogue Plus Its Basic Structure

To make a good suggestion and offer in communication, using Polite words and ways is very essential. Polite communication will make the interlocutor feels more comfortable, although we talk to our friends. That is why reading some examples of suggestion and offer dialogue sometimes is needed.

By reading the samples, of course, you need to know how to say a good suggestion and offer. Besides, you also could know the basic structure of it.

Definition of Suggestion and How to Arrange It

In simple, suggestion can be meant as an idea that is suggested. It also can be defined as a proposal offered for acceptance or rejection. The suggestion consists of an idea and it can be the consideration for the interlocutor whether she or he wants to follow the idea or not.

To ease you learn about the suggestion, here we have a table to show the samples of making suggestions and the response. See it below.

Making suggestions Accepting suggestions Rejecting suggestions
Let’s go to the theatre! Okay, wait a minute! No, thank you. I want to stay at home.
Why don’t you finish your job before we go to the coffee shop? Alright. It is a good idea. I will. Sorry, I have less concentration without coffee. Maybe, I also will do it at the coffee shop.
I think you need to renew your habit, so your health could be kept better. Thank you. I will try to start doing exercise every day. No, I think I have a good habit. I could consume some medicines when I sick.


Besides some samples inside the table, the suggestion could be made by using some structures in the starting sentence, such as:

  • I suggest…
  • We recommend…
  • We advise…
  • I propose…
  • And others

Definition of Offers and How to Arrange It

Offer means giving something abstract or physical to someone, which could be taken as a trade, a gift, and others. The offers could be given in several different terms, such as food, friendship, solutions, and others. Of course, an offer could be taken or refused by the interlocutor.

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Here, we will show you how to make an offer with its response.

Making offers Accepting offers Rejecting offers
Shall I bring you a cup of coffee? Oh, yes. Thank you very much! No, thank you. I bring my water.
May I help you to finish your work? Well, if it doesn’t disturb you. I have so many things to do. No. I will try to finish it by myself. Thank you for your kindness.
How about I take you home? Yes, please. I appreciate your help. Well, no thanks. My father will come here soon.


Besides the samples inside the table, the offers can be made using some modal verbs, as:

  • Would you…
  • Shall we…
  • Will you…
  • Could you…

Example of Dialogue Using Suggestions and Offers

Here, we have a sample of simple dialogue using suggestions and offers to know how to apply it. Read the dialogue below.

Martin: Hi, Giselle! Where have you been?
– Martin: Hai, Giselle! Kemana Saja Kamu?

Giselle: Hi! I am from the canteen. What’s going on?
– Giselle: Hai! Saya dari kantin. Apa yang sedang terjadi?

Martin: Have you finished your literature homework?
– Martin: Apakah Kamu sudah menyelesaikan pekerjaan rumah sastra Kamu?

Giselle: Not yet. How about you?
– Giselle: Belum. Bagaimana dengan kamu?

Martin: Me too. I still do not understand how to analyze a poem.
– Martin: Saya juga. Saya masih belum mengerti bagaimana menganalisis puisi.

Giselle: Well, what if we discuss and learn together?
– Giselle: Nah, bagaimana kalau kita berdiskusi dan belajar bersama?

Martin: It is a good idea. But, when?
– Martin: Itu ide yang bagus. Tapi kapan ya?

Giselle: How about tomorrow? You may go to my home. Do you have time?
– Giselle: Bagaimana kalau besok? Kamu bisa pergi ke rumah saya. Apakah kamu punya waktu?

Martin: Okay.
– Martin: Oke.

Giselle: Well, let’s go to the library. We need to borrow some books about literature theories!
– Giselle: Baiklah, ayo pergi ke perpustakaan. Kita perlu meminjam beberapa buku tentang teori sastra!

Martin: Let’s go!
– Martin: Ayo pergi!

Well, that is all about the suggestions and offers. You could see the examples of suggestions and offer dialogue and try to make it to test your knowledge!

Contoh Dialog Suggestion and Offer

Suggest (Memberikan Saran)

  • Let’s … (Ayo …)
  • I think … (Saya pikir / Menurut saya …)
  • How about …? (Bagaimana dengan …)
  • We could … (Kita bisa …)
  • What about …? (Bagaimana dengan …?)
  • Why don’t we …? (Mengapa tidak kita …?)
  • You might want to change … (Kamu mungkin ingin mengubah …)
  • How do you feel about …? (Bagaimana perasaanmu tentang …?)
  • I think you should … (Menurut saya kamu sebaiknya …)
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Accepting Suggestions (Menyetujui Saran)

  • Yes, let’s go. (Ya, ayo pergi.)
  • Let’s. (Ayo.)
  • OK, if you say so.

Declining Suggestions (Menolak Saran)

  • Sorry, I can’t… (Maaf, saya tidak bisa.)
  • Sorry, I think … (Maaf, menurut saya …)
  • No, thank you… (Tidak, terima kasih.)
  • No, let’s … (Tidak, ayo …)

Making Offers (Membuat Penawaran)

  • Can I …? (Bolehkah saya …?)
  • May I …? (Bolehkah saya …?)
  • Shall I …? (Haruskah saya …?)
  • How about I … (Bagaimana dengan saya …)
  • Would you …? (Maukah kamu …?)

Accepting Offers (Menyetujui Penawaran)

  • Thank you, I appreciate your help. (Terima kasih, saya menghargai bantuanmu.)
  • Yes, please. (Ya, tolonglah.)
  • Yes please, that would be lovely.

Declining Offers (Menolak Penawaran)

  • No, thanks. (Tidak, terima kasih.)
  • No, thank you. (Tidak, terima kasih.)
  • It’s okay, I can do it myself. (Ini tidak apa-apa, saya bisa melakukan ini sendiri.)
  • Don’t worry, I will do it myself. (Jangan khawatir, saya bisa melakukan ini sendiri.)

Contoh dialog suggest & offer singkat beserta terjemahannya

  • Rudi: Have you solved your homework?
  • Tobing: No, I haven’t.
  • Rudi: Let’s go to the library and solve your homework.
  • Tobing: Yes, let’s go.
  • Rudi: Apakah kamu sudah mengerjakan pekerjaan rumahmu?
  • Tobing: Belum.
  • Rudi: Ayo pergi ke perpustakaan dan selesaikan pekerjaan rumahmu.
  • Tobing: Ya, ayo pergi.
  • Tatang: Can I help you?
  • Budi: No, thank you.
  • Tatang: Bolehkah saya membantumu?
  • Budi: Tidak, terima kasih.


Contoh percakapan menggunakan expression suggest and offer

Contoh 1
Anisa   :     hi susi, where have you been ?
Susi  :     I’m from the canteen. What is it ?
Anisa   :     do you finished have your mathematics homework ?
Susi  :     not yet. How about you ?
Anisa   :     not yet. I still don’t quite understand the discussion yesterday
Susi  :     what if we learn together ?
Anisa   :     ok. But, when ?
Susi  :     tomorrow, in my home. Do you have a time ?
Anisa   :     yes, I have.
Susi  :     well then, let’s go to the library. Borrow a book of mathematics.
Anisa   :     good idea. Let’s go !

Anisa : Hai Susi. Kamu darimana saja?
Susi : Saya dari kantin. Ada apa?
Anisa : Apa kamu sudah mengerjakan tugas matematika?
Susi : Belum. Bagaimana denganmu ?
Anisa : Belum juga. Aku masih belum terlalu mengerti dengan pembahasan kemarin.
Susi : Bagaimana kalau kita belajar sama-sama?
Anisa : Baik. Tapi kapan?
Susi : besok, dirumahku. Apa kamu punya waktu?
Anisa : iya, saya punya.
Susi : Kalau begitu, ayo kita ke perpustakaan. Pinjam buku matematika.
Anisa : Ide bagus. Ayo pergi !

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Contoh 2
Surya : Are you okay, ade? it looks like you’re sick.
Adi : Yes. My stomach hurt.
Surya : Are you eating?
Adi : It is, but I do not have breakfast this morning.
Surya : Why?
Adi : I think is I was too late, so I rushed to school withoutbreakfast first.
Surya : Well then, let’s get to the UKs.
Adi : Do not.
Surya : But your pain will be worse.
Adi : I can go alone.
Surya : Are you sure?
Adi : Yes. Thank you

Surya : Apa kamu baik-baik saja, ade? sepertinya kamu sakit.
Adi : Iya. Perut saya sakit.
Surya : Apa kamu sudah makan?
Adi : Sudah, tapi tadi pagi saya tidak sarapan.
Surya : Kenapa?
Adi : Saya fikir saya sudah terlambat, jadi saya bergegas ke sekolah tanpa sarapan terlebih dahulu.
Surya : Kalau begitu, mari kita ke UKS.
Adi : Tidak usah.
Surya : Tapi sakitmu akan tambah parah.
Adi : Saya dapat pergi sendiri.
Surya : Apa kamu yakin?
Adi : Ya. Terima kasih

Contoh 3
Romli : Anton, What are you doing?
Anton : I was thinking about something.
Romli  : What are you thinking ?
Anton : I’m confused. What a great activity to celebrate the birthday of our school later?
Romli  : Hm, how about a competition between classes cone?
Anton : Competition cone? Ah, good idea, Romli.
Romli  : At my old school is always doing these competitions eachcelebrating the birthday.
Anton : Well, definitely exciting. I’ll convey to the chairman of thecouncil later.
Romli  : Ok, I wait for news.
Anton : Thank you for the idea, Romli.
Romli : You’re welcome.

Romli  : Anton, Apa yang sedang kamu lakukan?
Anton : Aku sedang memikirkan sesuatu.
Romli  : Apa yang sedang kamu pikirkan daritadi?
Anton : Aku bingung. Kegiatan apa yang bagus untuk merayakan maulid di sekolah kita nanti?
Romli  : Hm, bagaimana kalau lomba tumpeng antar kelas?
Anton : Lomba tumpeng? Ah, ide bagus, Romli.
Romli : Di sekolah lamaku selalu melakukan lomba tersebut setiap merayakan maulid.
Anton : Wah, pasti seru. Akan ku sampaikan kepada ketua OSIS nanti.
Romli  : Ok, ku tunggu beritanya.
Anton : Terima kasih untuk idenya, Romli.
Romli  : Sama-sama.

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