Daftar Isi


1. Look at the picture. It is ….


a. saxophone
b. trombone
c. trumpet
d. recorder

2. It is a musical instrument. It has strings and you play it by plucking. It is a….

a. violin
b. triangle
c. tambourine
d. harp


3. It is Lily’s violin. It is ….

a. mine
b. yours
c. hers
d. his

4. They are Kiki and Didi’s stationaries. They are ….

a. his
b. hers
c. ours
d. theirs

5. This cat is belonging to my sister and me. It is ….

a. mine
b. hers
c. yours
d. ours


6. Jakarta is the city … I’d like to live in.

a. who
b. that
c. where
d. which

7. Frank is the boy … is good at playing basketball.

a. who
b. that
c. where
d. which

8. The book … is on the table is mine.

a. who
b. that
c. where
d. which


9. The opposite of “high” is….

a. tall
b. loud
c. low
d. short

10. If you hit the drum from a farther distance, the sound will be….

a. loud
b. low
c. high
d. quite


11. Choose the word that has the same sound with “door”.

a. curly
b. bird
c. thirsty
d. horn

12. Choose the word that has the same sound with “shirt”.

a. keyboard
b. orchestra
c. work
d. sword


My favourite singer is ED SHEERAN. He was born in 1991 in England and he is a famous English singer. song-writer and record producer. He started his music career at four when he sang in a church choir. When he was a teenager. he learnt to play the guitar and started to write songs.

In 2011 he released his first album called “Plus”. in 2014 his second album “Multiply”. and in 2017 his third album called -Divide”. His first song “The A Team” reached number three in the UK charts. The third album was very successful and reached number one both in the UK and the USA, and the songs “Shape of You” and “Castle on the Hill” reached number one and two in the English and German single charts.

Ed Sheeran is very successful. He and his songs have received many nominations and awards both in England and abroad. In 2014 he won the “British Artist of the Year” award, and in 2018 his album “Divide” won the Grammy Award as the Best Pop Vocal album of the year. I like the singer because lie has not only catchy songs but lie also cares about his fans. He often gives away his clothes to charity institutions.

Read the paragraph for answering number 13 – 16.

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13. The writer’s favourite singer is ….

a. Justin Bieber
b. Ed Sheeran
c. Michael Jackson
d. Bruno Mars

14. The singer was born in ….

a. England
b. America
c. California
d. Canada

15. What did the singer do when he was a teenager?

a. Listened to songs and played the piano.
b. Played the piano and started to sing songs.
c. Sang songs and played the guitar.
d. Played the guitar and start to write song.

16. The singer won the Grammy Award as the Best Pop Vocal album of the year in ….

a. 2011
b. 2014
c. 2017
d. 2018



Watch the video to answer no 17-20 (watch the first 3 minutes only)

17. The violin was made of …

a. wood
b. metal
c. iron
d. paper

18. When we play violin, we change the note on the …

a. finger board
b. chin rest
c. wooden bridge
d. tail piece

19. How many strings can we find on a violin?

a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4

20. We need a … to play our violin. We rub the strings by using it.

a. bow
b. hole
c. scroll
d. peg

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