Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 semester 1

Berikut ini adalah contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6 SD, yang dapat dijadikan latihan berikut jawabannya lengkap.

Daftar Isi

Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 6

Choose a, b c, or d for the correct answer.

Train Vocabularies

1. Romy’s job is bringing a lot of people move from one city to another. You can find him in the station. Romy is a ….
a. police
b. paramedic
c. train driver
d. tourist.

2. Look at the picture. It is ….
a. a cup of tea
b. a cup of coffee
c. a glass of coke
d. a mug of milk

3. You wait here for the train to arrive.
a. platform
b. train
c. ticket office
d. platform

Emergency Service Vocabularies

4. It is a vehicles. It comes with paramedics. It is a/an ….
a. fire engine
b. ambulance
c. police car
d. train


5. Lucy … drinking a cup of tea at 5 p.m. yesterday.
a. was
b. does
c. were
d. do

6. My brothers … doing homework at 7 p.m. last night.
a. was
b. is
c. were
d. are


7. The way we tell the time is ….
a. It’s a quarter to seven.
b. It’s half past seven.
c. It’s a quarter past seven.
d. It’s a quarter to eight.

8. 04.15
The way we tell the time is….
a. It’s a quarter to four.
b. It’s a quarter past four.
c. It’s a quarter past five.
d. d. It’s a quarter to five.

9. The price to go to Oxford is twelve dollars and forty cents. It is ….
a. $ 20.40
b. $ 20.14
c. $ 12.14
d. $ 12.40

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10. It is a building. You stay here when you are on a vacation. It is a ….
a. station
b. sandcastle
c. hotel
d. museum

11. It is very cold. You eat it and it tastes sweet. It is….
a. a chocolate bar
b. an ice cream
c. a banana cupcake
d. a chip


12. A force trying to stop you is called…
a. Push
b. Pull
c. friction
d. gravity

13. If the surface of the slide is …, the friction is small.
a. rough
b. smooth
c. stop
d. slow

Answer by using preposition of time (number 14-17).


14. The train leaves … 5 o’clock
a. at
b. in
c. on
d. of

15. I’m going to ride my bike … the afternoon
a. at
b. in
c. on
d. of

16. I was born … 2010
a. at
b. in
c. on
d. of

17. I do my daily test … Friday
a. at
b. in
c. on
d. of


Read and think.  Answer it by using simple past or past progressive.

18. I … (climb) tree when my cousins came to my house.
a. climbs
b. climbed
c. was climbing
d. were climbing

19. He … (drive/not) a car when his child called him.
a. doesn’t drive
b. didn’t drive
c. wasn’t driving
d. weren’t driving

20. Those dogs… (chase/not) a ball when it hit the wall.
a. was chasing
b. wasn’t chasing
c. were chasing
d. weren’t chasing

21. When I … (come) into the yard, my friends were playing soccer.
a. comes
b. came
c. was coming
d. were coming

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22. Dina was listening to a music when I … (enter) the room.
a. enters
b. entered
c. was entering
d. were entering


Read the paragraph below to answer number 23 – 25.

Learn How To Ride Bicycle

It is a beautiful day. After school Ray goes to Andy’s house. They have planned to learn how to ride bicycles. Their friend, Danny, knows how to ride a bicycle. Ray and Andy want to learn it from Danny. They learn it in a field which is nearby Danny’s house.
Ray asks Andy to learn first. Danny and Ray help Andy by holding the bicycle. Andy pedals the bicycle too fast, so that Ray and Danny release the bicycle. Finally, Andy falls from the bicycle. Ray and Danny go and help Andy to stand up. They see that Andy’s knees are bleeding.

23. Who is the person that know how to ride a bicycle?
a. Andy
b. Danny
c. Ray
d. All of them

24. Where do they learn how to ride bicycles?
a. In a garden
b. In a big hall
c. In a field
d. In a forest

25. Why do Ray and Danny release the bicycle?
a. It is because Andy pedals it too fast.
b. It is because Andy knows how to ride the bicycle.
c. It is because Ray and Andy want to see Andy fall.
d. It is because Ray and Andy are holding the bicycle.

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