Kunci Jawaban

  1. a. ambulance
  2. b. police officer
  3. b. fire engine
  4. d. were
  5. a. is
  6. b. It is a hut
  7. c. It is a tsunami
  8. b. It is an ice cream
  9. a. Hello, I’m Lina. I’m in a Rose Station beside a supermarket. There is an accident. He can’t walk.
  10. d. Call the emergency services
  11. a. beach
  12. c. people
  13. d. were swimming
  14. b. was reading
  15. b. wasn’t practicing
  16. d. were playing
  17. c. weren’t listening
  18. a. The depth of the ocean
  19. d. Earthquakes that occur underwater
  20. b. jet plane
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